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Title: [PSP] Krap-psp v1.12
Post by: -StOrMaGe- on May 26, 2011, 09:07:01 PM
Krap-psp v1.12 by kenma9123

Developer's Note:

Krap-psp is a plugin came up from nowhere. i manage to implement a feature which is permit/forbid the battery from charging(that's why its Krap).. and then suddenly some more features we're implemented because of users suggestions.
as I've said before this plugin has the ability to make some sort of krap things happening onto your psp, let say basic ones.

Copy the krap directory to the seplugins folder of your psp
Add this line to vsh.txt and game.txt
ms0:/seplugins/krap/krap-psp.prx 1
or for PSPGo users
ef0:/seplugins/krap/krap-psp.prx 1

[How to Use]
Of course you need to press the Combo key that you customized if ever,
when navigating Krap info menu. press down or up to select what options to be set(for now only the Auto sleep/shut can be select),
then press right/left button to change value and press circle if okay(but it will not be saved in config instead value will just stored in ram)


v1.12 5/26/2011 11:44pm
[!]Fix some bugs encountered in 1.10a and 1.11
  • Added the ability to display basic battery and cpu info,even the main menu is close.(inspired by hud display by darko)(soon, you can customize position)
  • [!]Thus I added 3 options in settings to display those info's. Feel free to try it.
    [!]Increase 75mhz to 80mhz when music mode.(soon you can customize the speed )
    [!]Improved the handler to avoid the psp going to sleep when pushing back the HOLD button(from music mode).
    [!]Leave the psp-time its not done yet
    [!]I'll add more common features soon.That's why i want it krapy lol

Title: Re: [PSP] Krap-psp v1.12
Post by: VettaCossX-AlphA on May 31, 2011, 08:30:17 AM
 8) nice!