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January 21, 2018, 06:59:03 AM


New to the site?


Calling all TP members we are currently looking for inventive ways to get our community to the top of the pile! :D

Any ideas, etc., can be added to this thread. No matter how st00pid you may think it is tell us - we may be able to work on the idea.  Our site has grown 214% in 3 weeks and we want more so put your thinking caps on and help us to help YOU..

We are also looking for the following.. Newsposters/spotters (main duties to trawl the net and it's darkest recesess and find relevant console & gaming news) Interested? Send any of the Admins or Global Moderators a personal message and we will get back to you asap.


Admins & Staff


The Playground Staffroom

Born in the late 70's, FOL always had a thing for electronics ever since he can remember. His electronics interests continued in the form of early consoles and later the Amiga. He studied electronic engineering at college, and later went on to study TV and Video servicing.

These days he spends his time playing Emperor to, learning new skills, and being welsh with his wife.

A true child of the 80’s, Hungry Horace is the Playground’s resident audio geek, having studied the art of Music technology for a number of years. As obsessive about electronica and retro-gaming as he is about Billie Piper, Horace is more recently spending his time engineering his blips and beats in a disco style on his PSP.

1977 saw the birth of both Star Wars and Mr_Nick666. Since 1982 he has been a keen computer gamer. His obsession with Manic Miner is unabaiting! Starting as a hobby, creating computer graphics soon turned into a freelance career on commercial games. Currently working for a design and print company in Devon Mr_Nick will be either found here or at the gym. Mr_Nick also likes to play dress up.

He is the The Eggman. He is not the walrus however.

Two words sum up dejkirkby. Gaming Gypsy. He has owned many consoles and home computer systems, but never found one he would as freakishly passionate as his fellow staff (although the Amstrad CPC series came damn close). His current favourite is the PSP, due to the huge Homebrew scene and customising options.

lakirkby is a platform and puzzle games girl at heart. She doesn't go in for fighting, racing or sports games. She's mean at Lumines and woe-be-tide anyone who tries to distract her from her beloved PSP. She is adept at slapping the balls of her hubby, dejkirkby and definitely wears the trousers in that relationship.

We dont want to appear too stringent of rules and regulations here in The Playground, but please bare in mind the following;

You should treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.

Whilst there is no objection to negative comments, constructive criticism should be used if you want to be taken seriously. Commenting deemed to be pointlessly rude will be deleted and a warning incurred upon the guilty user.

Any user considered to be flaming, or trolling other users will be banned at Admin discretion.
This includes a continued dragging of a thread off-topic, by arguing with another user. In these cases, both users will be liable for a ban.

Whilst a bit of banter and teasing is to be expected in any playground, (along with a few minor cuts and bruises along the way!) anyone deemed to be inciting hatred towards others or other groupings will be banned immediately. No exceptions.

Enjoy your stay!

After much praise from the fine IRC’ers in #psp-hacks, Team Reign has released what they call the “Complete AIO Upgrading & Downgrading Package.” Complete AIO (All-in-one) is a collection of packages to assist noobs with downgrading any PSP — from firmware 1.51 through to 3.03.

All 5 installers are packaged using ADePSP’s PSP Installer.

If you’re running any FW below 2.80 (1.51, 2.71, etc…), you’ll want to upgrade first using “280EasyUp” and then downgrade back to 1.50 using “280EasyDown.” You could also go straight to 3.03 — see below.

If you’re running a firmware version between 2.80 and 3.03 (2.81, 3.01, etc…) you’ll want to use “303EasyUp” and back to 1.50 with “303EasyDown.” — You get the idea. And yes, the unpatched Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories UMD is still required.

After you’re staring in awe at your new 1.50 PSP… Why not upgrade it to Dark_AleX’s 3.10 OE-A

Although the installers include everything and copy everything to the correct location on your memory stick, I still recommend reading through the included text files for guidance and any potential gotchas.

As with any downgrader: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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